Author Pat Parish

After a life that included lifeguard, airline stewardess, sports car racer, tennis pro on an Indian reservation, and mother of 2, my 26-year-old marriage fizzled when the kids left the nest. But instead of losing my purpose I found the mother of all mysteries in my own back yard.

For as long as I can remember, treasure hunters have been captivated by accounts of the Dutchman Jacob Waltz’s life and the whereabouts of his hidden gold mine. Could any tale be more compelling than that long unsolved mystery of millions of dollars of gold lost deep in the Superstition Mountains?

Yes! The REAL story that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Naive and arrogantly confident as only a fledgling writer can be, I examined the tangled trail of truth and fiction that is Waltz’s legacy and saw a man – and his shadowy undiscovered partner – who cheated, connived, manipulated, and murdered their way through the wicked old west, leaving a trail of blood, bodies and broken promises that got lost in the wake of the family friendly legend.

Friends who got a whiff of the story couldn’t wait for the next chapter of the spectacular spaghetti western that sprang from my typewriter.

Be among the first to read my story of the Dutchman and the Devil – but cross your heart and promise not to reveal its startling secret.

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